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Industrial & home automation

Redisoft is developing a home controller that is appreciate for the simplicity of user’s interface: it is easy to use also for people who don’t appreciate computer and who consider themselves very far from technology. We can develop this kind of solutions thanks to the high knowledge of SCADA systems and also to the important experience reached in firmware and software development area – customisation and system integration.

Our cooperation with ergonomists who are specialised in relationship between man and tool, that is to say how most users tend to behave in front of a graphic interface, is allowing us to reach this high levels of usability.

Our home controller system can be connected with different standards and provides the integration with various home automation functions. Here are some of its main functions:

  • temperature controller
  • light turn on and turn off
  • blinds controller
  • appliances operation
  • scenarios management
  • video surveillance
  • gas leak detection
  • video entry
  • redisoft  home theatre

Safety, comfort, energy saving, flexibility and versatility are key concepts of home automationdomotics – which in the last years has registered a full improving phase on the model of the most consolidate industrial automation for which redisoft has been providing tools and high quality solutions for a long time.